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Monsil Pure Syn Multi LV ATF

Monsil Pure Syn Multi LV ATF

  • High Viscosity Index
  • Extreme Pressure
  • Excellent Shear Stability under intense working condition
  • Correct Friction Coefficient
  • Excellent Oxidation Resistance
  • Lower Temperature Flowability
  • Anti-Rust and Anti-Foam
  • High Heat Resistant
  • Packing Size: 1L & 4L & 5L & 20L & 60L & 205L

Product Description

Monsil Pure Syn Multi LV ATF is an ultra-high performance fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid specially designed for latest generation of high performance vehicles equipped with automatic transmission system.
Monsil Pure Syn Multi LV ATF is formulated with high volume of Poly-Alpha-Olefin (PAO) synthetic base stocks and high quality additive package containing Extreme Pressure (EP) additive to ensure the performance under high pressure working condition.
Monsil Pure Syn Multi LV ATF is able to refuce the sludge and deposits formation as detergent and dispersant are used. Therefore, the oil drain interval could be extended.
Monsil Pure Syn Multi LV ATF is recommended for use in latest generation automatic transmission system with OEMs’ requirements of Mercon LV, ZF 6 / 8 and etc. Avoid mixing with other products to ensure the performance and consistency of Monsil Pure Syn Multi LV ATF
Meets & exceeds the requirements of: ZF LifeguardFluid 8, Ford Mercon SP, VW TL 60612, AISIN WARNER AW-1, MB 236.17, TOYOTA ATF T-WS
Copyright 2024 by Monsil
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